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CMH with in-cover and HEPA

Centrifugal Mist Collector pedestal mounted to evacuate mist from CNC machine. HEPA after filter for smoke particles and an in cover pre-filter trap to take out care of any swarfs.

CMH with in-cover and HEPA

CNC Machine with overhead mist collector. Giving a negative pressure inside cavity. When the doors to the CNC machine are opened, oil mist is exhausted from the cavity, keeping it away from the operators breathing zone.

Back Draft Booth

Back draft generally is used for sand blasting and other dust control procedures. Dust is contained in enclosure drawn away from operator into cartridge dust control system. 

Exhaust Arm

Overhead arm 10' and 14' available. This method can be used in welding, braising, and grinding operations eliminating dust and fume from operators breathing zone into various collection systems.

Central System

This is a cartridge collector piped to multiple operations. Pure Air designs and balances this sytem for you.

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