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The production of Mist can be defined as; small droplets of materials that are ordinarily liquid at normal temperatures and pressures. Mist generation ranges greatly from sub micron vapor, like particles, up to and including water droplets. Mist Collectors operate based on the principles of separation between coolant and mist. The Clean air is then recycled back into the original atmosphere. Common Mist generating processes include:


  • Drilling

  • Turning

  • Wet Cutting

  • Wet Sawing

  • CNC Maching

  • EDM Machining

  • General Applications
    were Coolant is used

  • Furnaces Miling

Mist generating processes can be water based and/or oil based applications, and each variance needs to be considered and addressed when properly selecting which mist collection system is best to meet any particular need and/or solution.


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